Camberely & District Funeral Directors holds Blessing and supports local Church

Camberley & District Funeral Directors held a Christmas Tree Blessing in their Funeral Home. Clients from the past year were invited to attend and place personal message cards on the tree in memory of their loved ones.

The blessing was held on Wednesday 7th December 2011 at their premises at 337 Yorktown Road, College Town, Sandhurst, and was led by Reverend Roy Burgess of St. Georges Church in Owlsmoor.

In addition to the blessing, the team at Camberley & District also presented Reverend Burgess with a cheque for £500 to refurbish a community room at St Georges Church, along with an appropriate picture for the wall. The room is aimed to be used frequently for bereavement support groups and one-to-one counseling, so that the bereaved, and others, can receive the support they require at their time of need.

Reverend Burgess commented “I was delighted to be invited back for the second year running to bless the Christmas tree at Camberley & District Funeral Directors. For many people, this Christmas will be a difficult time of year, as for the first time, they remember those they love but will see no more. The Christmas tree at this funeral home, on which those loved ones have died can hang memory stars, can be very important as it is an object on which the bereaved can focus their thoughts and prayers, for on it are memories of loved ones who will be seen no more, but are held in our hearts with love. May the tree at Camberley & District be a symbol to celebrate, and say thank you for lives well lived and well loved.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the team at Camberley & District for their on-going support of St Georges Church, their care and compassion, and their kind donations, which will enable the refurbishment of the community room within the Church early next year. The picture is very beautiful and will enhance a sense of calm in the room”.

Funeral Co-ordinator’s Constance Sweeney & Gabrielle Castell added “At this time of year, it is important to remember the loved ones our families have lost, and we were delighted to be able to organise this special service for our many families. It was heart-warming to see the appreciation and comfort they took away from the blessing. For us it is always a very special evening, one that we take great pride in hosting every year.”

The Christmas trees will now remain within the reception area of the funeral home in Camberely until after the festive season.