Volunteering at St George’s Church

Wednesday, 25th April, saw St George’s Church, Owlsmoor open its doors from 08.30 until 10.00 am for the start of their breakfast club for local mums and tots. The idea is that mums and their little ones can pop in for a cup of tea or coffee and a slice or two of toast either before the start of school or just after dropping off their children. They will be greeted by Pat (the Verger), Edwina (Rev Roy’s wife) or Connie or me and given a welcoming hot steaming beverage and a chance to sit and chat with everyone or to just gather their wits for the day ahead.

Numbers were low on Wednesday either because the weather was atrocious or because it will take time to gain momentum. Either way, Reverend Roy was delighted and very grateful for Camberley & District’s offer to help. I arrived at 08.30am armed with a tin of biscuits as a small contribution and was warmly greeted by everyone. Roy proudly showed off their new counselling room with all its improvements and thanked me again for our generous support both financially and materially. He is delighted that we have offered to assist at the Breakfast Club. They certainly make us feel that we are a welcome and a very much appreciated part of the St George’s extended family. Connie and I look forward to contributing more as the weeks go by.

Camberley & District Funeral Directors