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Online Memorial Book

Keeping a memory alive
Losing a loved one is never easy, but, as we all know, kind words, fond memories and quiet reflection can go a long way to help ease the pain.
This is where we can help you, by providing an online sanctuary where you, your family and friends can visit to keep precious memories alive.

Share the good times
For a one-off fee of £25, a dedicated Celebration Page, devoted to your loved one’s memory, can be set up on your behalf. This allows unlimited access to friends and family across the world and invites their contributions to be added to your own personal recollections.

This enables the Celebration Page to flourish and grow over time with the addition of fond memories, favourite photographs and personal videos, celebrating the good times and providing a welcome haven of comfort for all to share.

Every Celebration Page has its own unique code and those who have the code are able to add appreciations 24/7.

If you’d like us to go ahead and set up an online memorial in your loved one’s name, simply contact your funeral director and the £25 fee will be added to your funeral invoice.