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Help & Support

How to help the bereaved

Spending time with a bereaved person can be a great source of comfort. The
simple fact of your presence may be enough to help. However, it is just as
important to give the bereaved person space to be alone if they desire. It
is also important that a bereaved person is able to talk to and cry with
someone without being told to ‘pull it together.’ People sometimes find it
hard to understand why the bereaved often talk and become distressed about
the same feelings and events over and over again. But this is an important
part of the healing process that should be encouraged.

The key to rebuilding a life after dealing with a death is to realise that
life will never be as it was before. There has been an irrevocable change,
and the journey through grief engendered by that loss will end in adapting
to the change, not in trying to pretend that the change has not happened.
Where and how to get support

We run support groups free of charge to help the newly bereaved deal with loss.
A trained bereavement counsellor and a member of CRUSE Bereavement Care run
these Groups. We hope to provide a safe environment in which bereaved people
can find emotional support, either by sharing feelings with other bereaved
people or just dropping in for a chat. If you would like to know more about
this service, please call us free on 0800 243380.

You can also find help from your general practitioner, the clergy or voluntary
organisations who have bereavement counsellors and skilled helpers. They can be
a great support, especially if grief is unresolved, the death was sudden or if
the bereaved person is finding it difficult to talk to people close or involved.